In this page you can find the material of the Port-Hamiltonian modelling and passivity-based control of physical systems. Theory and applications course.


A. Macchelli
pdf Introduction to Physical Modelling (22 MB)
pdf Distributed Port-Hamiltonian Systems Modelling and Control (44 MB)


B. Maschke
pdf Energy-based Control of Port-Hamiltonian Systems (2 MB)
pdf Irreversible Port-Hamiltonian Systems. Modelling and Control (1 MB)
pdf Slides (11 MB)


C. Secchi
pdf Passivity and Port-Hamiltonian Based Control for Advanced Robotics (18 MB)


S. Stramigioli
pdf Energy Aware Robotics (34 MB)


Download of all of the files – Part 1 (61 MB)
Download of all of the files – Part 2 (52 MB)